rly disappointed i don’t have a dick pic for my mcm when do we realize the extreme discrepancy in society!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Anonymous said:
hey where do you shop online?

lol like urban and asos and etsy im not fussy

Anonymous said:
i was wondering if you could tell us how you managed to get subbed versions of hd movies?

sometimes they have it sometimes they dont thats it ~

Anonymous said:
Hi Jess! I've been wanting to buy a 99 project shirt but don't know what size to get. I was wondering what size you wear because I feel like we have the same body type!

small! if ya live in HK well be at the upcoming Kids 4 Kids fair!

Anonymous said:
what type of canon camera do you prefer? i know that a lot of ppl use the canon rebel t3i

i don’t have a canon!