seventeen year old storyteller
Anonymous - Do you have a playlist at spotify?
Anonymous - is elena using wide or fisheye lense?


Anonymous - Hi Jess! Where di you sister, Elena, get her bag in your recent post? :D


Anonymous - how did you do the digital clock font in one of your instagram posts?

snapchat HAHA

Anonymous - What is The Way He Looks about? & is it worth watching? If so, do you have a link?? with english subs? :)

noooooo i need english subs!!! it’s based off THIS SHORT FILM¬†which i watched last year - its a gorgeous coming of age story and i would highly recommending watching the short to begin.

it’s really intereesting to see how the story developed because the ending to the short was soooooo wonderful but it played out so differently in the feature!!

also the short gives you some insight as to what the story is about haha

kzelo - Hi Jess You like HAIM?